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Frequently Asked Questions for Remote Learning



1. How do I contact school staff?

There is a link on our school webpage that has all staff’s contact information. 


2. How do I contact school staff including main office and Principal Hughes?

Please complete the online form at (It is cAsE sEnsItiVe. (Please ALL CAPS)


3. What if my child or family needs mental health support?

Please call the LAUSD Mental Health Hotline at (213) 241- 3840. It is open weekdays 6am to 6pm. The people answering the phone are professional mental health workers from our district.


4. What has been done to prevent Zoom hacking?

Zoom hosts are adjusting settings and setting up passwords for Zoom calls, but the district and Zoom are working on preventing this.


5. Why are teachers not on the same communication platform (i.e. Class Dojo, Reminder)?

Teachers are able to choose what communication platform is best for them based on their students’ needs.


6. Is there a tech support email?

Technology support from the district is available by phone (213) 443-1300 / (213) 241- 5200 or you can “chat” with support online at

Here is the basic document to assist with devices which do not connect –


7. Is it possible to access student items that were left in the classroom? 

Yes, please complete the online communication form at and we will set up a time with proper social distancing.


8. Is 1 hour of teacher time enough for the whole week?

Per UTLA’s agreement with LAUSD, teachers (unit members) shall provide 240 minutes of instruction and student support to students per day. The 240 minutes shall be inclusive of planning, office hours, and required professional development, faculty, department and grade level meetings. Our teachers are working very hard to participate in trainings to support students and families remotely. Per bargaining agreement, it is not required to be face to face time with students but can be by email.

Read Full UTLA/LAUSD Side Letter Agreement here: file:///Users/administrator/Downloads/UTLA-LAUSD%20Sideletter%20for%20COVID-19%20Impact%20%20Effects%20(4-8-20)%20-%20FINAL%20ALL%20SIGNATURES%20.pdf


9. How will my child receive his/her IEP services? Will there be IEP meetings?

Yes, our APEIS, Ms. Kennedy has undergone training for conducting IEPs under the new remote education structure. The Division of Special Education is working on a districtwide effort to hold “virtual” IEP meetings during the school closure. If your child has an IEP, their case manager will schedule a time to meet with your child virtually.


10. What if my family does not have internet access?

Please see these link1, Link2  to seek free internet access.